Thursday, March 27, 2008


Entry about my almari supposedly I wrote yesterday. But since yesterday I busy sorting and arranging my wardrobe I don't have chance to update bout it...Now I officially present to you all my lovely almari ..tadaaaaa
*my new almari!~!*

Per lg ek nk tulis..tetiba lupa aper nk tulis...ahaaa..bout 'him' the other day. uhuks. Heart broken =((. I just being informed that he's already taken but not officially taken. Not officially taken..hehe *evil grin*

*my sweet honey pie sugar bunch nephew*

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


[sengal mode]It was a very nice, sweet, simple and pleasant conversation that I ever had with him to date. It's very rare for us to have a conversation especially when the conversation involve only 2 of us. Though it was a short conversation but it make me smile all the way home in fact till now! But I had to take my leave first. Uhuks. I don't believe I'm the one who leave the conversation instead of him.Hope there will be more interaction between us soon. =D [/sengal mode]

Nothing much happened today. Oh yaaa..yesterday I finally bought a almari baju. It cost me RM239 plus delivery. No regret hopefully since it is my habit to regret after I bought something. They will deliver it on Wednesday. Yeay!!~! can't wait to hang all my baju in the almari. And yesterday also I make an appointment at Tini spa ( to do a normal facial. At Tini's they use 2 products for facial. De' wajah and dermalogica. I choose Dermalogica. Hope everything is OK since it will be my first time ever do facial. And I really hope my skin will be ok with the product. I don't want my skin to turn to something that I not used to. Lastly - I'm officially broke =(

[k-pop mode] While I take a nap today, I heard one song that very familiar to me but I have not listen to it for quite sometimes. It is Hero by Shinhwa. Shinhwa a korean boyband that make me become a fan girl to k-pop although I did watch kdrama. Shinhwa still going strong together till now. It already 10 years since they debut in 1998. And they still hot as ever especially my Eric Oppa.hehe. They also will release their album soon. Kbiz will miss Eric and Dongwan soon since they will start serving his military service this year. It is a temporary break for Shinhwa. Gosh I missed to hear their songs!!~![/k-pop mode]

model material - Max Changmin

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Monday, March 24, 2008


Ngantuks nyersss..kalo ikutkan hati mmg malas nk g keje hr neh...tdo kat umah lg bes..uhuhuh..sib baik aku baik..

drive laju gler pg td..sepanjang perjalanan +-100km/h...sbb tu smp Shah Alam cepat..kol 9.30 dh smp..uhuh..laju jgak ek aku bwk keter..alhamdulillah x jd per per sepanjang perjalanan..

Sepanjang dok kat umah aku melayan bebudak berdua tu la..iskk..rindu la plak kat bebudak tu..especially Ikhwan..since dia rapat sket ngan aku compare ngan Irfan..sbb Irfan ni senang nk dgn je senang nk layan dia...

buhsan laaaaa..=(..nk transfer gambar bebudak tu pon x bleh..tepon ni wat hal plak..iskk..adakah sudah smp waktunya aku menukar hp br?..uhuhuh..hopefully x..x mo la tukar hp lg =(..terpaksa letak gambo hurm...saper lg..hehe..

aaaa..x sabar nk layan Hong Gil Dong neh..tinggal lg satu ep jer lg nk tunggu file torrent and donlod...memintak sub pon kuar cpt..skang br smp 21..ader lg 3 eps..nyummyyy...pastu bole layan smp lebam..pas Hong Gil Dong..nk layan Jdorama plak la..memandangkn lom ader kdrama yg menarik hati dan perasaan...Robbers pon cam borink..wpon pelakonnye adalah pelakon favorite aku..Lee Da Hae shi and jang Hyuk shi..mayb jln cter yg membuhsankan bg aku..aku dh delete dh..tinggal yg mane aku lom tgk je bler nk tgk pon x tau...

Lalalaaaa..x sabo nk beli lemari br..pastu susun baju cecantik lam lemari tu..nyum nyummm..Max Changmin

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Everybody is leaving

Called Wan this morning after I received his sms. And he told me that he will resign tomorrow and join another company immediately. It really hits me. Everybody is leaving. It started with Raja, Hally, Man, Ain, Tun, G, Linda and lastly Wan. What about me??. I'm still here? Why I'm still here?. Dunno!!~! Don't ask me!!!..Maybe I don't have luck yet.

This make me want to reconsider going interview as Sales Executive. Who knows that job more suitable with me. But still I don't have the courage to do that. I need someone to motivate me. Please.....Max Changmin

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Weekly Report

Hahahhaha...lama x update blog...OK wishlist

1) Almari Baju

2) New pair of jeans (prefered black colour - I'm eyeing giordano jeans)

3) New yellow sunshine shirt

rasa cam tu jer wishlist utk bulan ni / dpn.hehe.hopefully dpt achieve either one of them or both of them.hahah.kalo terkaya lebih next month insyallah bole dpt. Tp rasanya...hurm..tgk la nnti bajet cemane..:D...

OK. Confirm I'll be going to FT Island concert end of this month. Yeay. Hopefully everything is OK and I can go to the concert. *finger cross*. Starting from today only Ft Island's songs will be play in my playlist. So that I'll get familiar with their songs. I'm learned from my previous experienced (TVXQ concert last year).

Yeay. Next week balik kamponggg. Ho ho balik kampong!!~!. Feel like I wanna go back on Wednesday nite. And my cutie pie honey punch nephew twins will back to kampong on Thursday. Yeay!!~!. Miss them much.

Last nite I lepak with Ckm. It was nice since it was our first time hang out together. Somehow he managed to open my eyes and mind lil bit about future planning n such. Seems like he has a lot of plan to do. Hehe..hope he can achieve it :) Gambatte ne!!~!

OK la..enuff bout update. Wanna start doing my sis's essay. Huhuh. Gambatte to myself!!~!

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Sembang - sembang

Awal gler aku smp opis ini hr..hahaha..kol 9 pg dh smp en Rosli la yg smp lu...:)..aku dtg awal sbb bwk Ema (bdk praktikal) yg baik hati ni g la opis awal..hehe..rasa cam byk mende nk bler dh bukak blogger ni cam xder per plak nk tulih...*sigh*

Pepg ni org2 opis sembang sembang pilihanraya...tetiba naik plak satu isu..takut pojek ni kena off memandangkan pojek ni lu di sign bersama kerajaan sblm..lps pilihanraya ni nmpknye parti lain yg akan handle kerajaan..hurm..hopefully this project can finish smoothly..uhuks..

Last Friday aku g workshop..tukar break pad tayar..hehe..*senyum senyum senyum* naper still bunyi lg ek kalo aku tekan break?..musykil neh..hahah..terpaksa pegi workshop tu lg skali..hik hik...

Wiken yg agak membosankan..hehe..memandangkn aku x pulang ke kg halaman..gara-gara hasutan *u*know*who*u*are*...hahhaha..mlm jumaat tu aku..kak ina n zila layan cter Hong Gil Dong..besssss oOOoO cter neh..mulanye aku malas nk donlod cter neh..memandangkan total episod cter neh 24 episod..manyak bler baca review suma kata cter ni bes..sooo..aku pon donlod la cter aku tgh layan one of the song yg ader kat lam cter tu...layan beb lagu neh (If by Taeyon(SNSD))..lelagi bler part yg sadis + sedey..uhuks..bikin leleh air mata aku je..chess..

Ni sket synopsis drama Hong Gil Dong..

The main character, Hong Gil Dong, is Minister Hong's son born of the maidservant Chun-Seom, during Sejong's reign in Joseon dynasty, in the capital of Seoul. Gil Dong practiced Taoist magic since a young age and would someday become a splendid individual, but due to his illegitimate birth he carried the grudge of not being able to address his father and siblings. His family feared Gil Dong's unique skills would be the root of calamity someday, thus they hired assassins to get rid of Gil Dong. Upon escaping danger, Gil Dong left to wander and became a bandit leader. Gil Dong schemed to seize treasures from Hae-In-Sa, and afterwards with the name Hwal-Bin-Dang (army saving the poor), with skills and Taoist magic, he seized fortunes from the corrupt officials all over the country and gave them to the poor people, but did not take a penny from the common citizens. Gil Dong captured treasures from the governor of Ham-Kyeong and the governor submitted a report to the royal court. Thus, Hong Gil Dong became a wanted grand offender by the criminal capturing branch of the government. Even the top police general, Lee Heup, tried to capture Hong Gil Dong, but Lee was only made a fool. Despite the King's order to capture him, no one could escape from suffering by Gil Dong's magic of ho-pung-hwan-woo (act of calling for wind and rain) and dun-gap-jang-sin (act of disappearance to hide onself). The royal court then appeased to Minister Hong, and with support by Gil Dong's brother In Hyung, they petitioned to make Gil Dong the Minister of Army and War. Gil Dong came to Seoul to become the head of army and war ministry. Later on, Gil-Dong left his homeland toward Nam-Kyeong, but discovered the nation of Yul-Do, which was scenic with mountain and streams. He conquered the goblins and saved the beautiful woman, who were captured as hostages, and became the king of the Yul-Do nation. Then, upon hearing news of his father's death, he returned to his native land and mourned for 3 years. He later returned to Yul-Do nation and managed his nation well.

Hong Gil Dong - (Kang Ji Hwan)

An illegitimate child born from a servant. His birth mother died as soon as she gave birth to him. At the age of 3, he showed signs of being a genius by memorizing the Analects of Confucius & Book of Mencius without anyone teaching him. Because of that, he became the target of jealously and caution. He was treated as a black sheep in his home. His father neglects him, his stepmother treats him like a bug, and on top of that, he was also being tortured by others. His brother, In Hyung, recieved lots of love from his mother, Mrs. Kim, while Gil Dong grew up lonely without a shield.

Heo Yi Nok - (Sung Yu Ri)

Her true identity is that she's the only daughter of Minister Ryu Geun Chan.Without knowing her true identity & past, she grew up as the granddaughter of Heo No In, a physician and a crook.Without any reason, she always dresses like a guy, wearing her grandfather's clothes, just because guy clothes are comfortable.

Lee Chang Whe - (Jang Geun Suk)

King Sun's only child. His brother, Kwang Whe, who is Choi Sook Bin's son, was already crowned prince and then became King.Chang Whe was sentenced to death. With his mother's sacrifice, he and court lady Noh were able to escape. To everyone, he is the dead prince.He and court lady Noh make a living as a merchant, while waiting to make a comeback. He lives each day waiting to take revenge.

Synopsis + pics credit to Hong Gil Dong thread @ soompi

Sunday, March 2, 2008


erksss..depressssss gler pasal keje..keje x yg mendepresskan pasal keje...pressure yg aku dpt dr family..aku rasa..sgtlahhhhhhhhh kuat..smp aku rasa camnk give up!!!! lom lg la..
dok lam bilik ni pon depress jgak..ader keadaan yg membuatkan aku rasa depress..sbbnya cuma kecik terasa smp skang...aku cuba nk paham keadaan dia yg mayb PMS..ntah la..

untuk menghiburkan hati yg lara...aku tgk Happy Together with DBSK..sib baik dh sub..enjoy la jgak aku tgk..lupa la kejap aku kat bebenda yg mendepresskan itu..dh ler boring jer dok umah terperap..

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