Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Saya telah di tagged oleh Cik Farah Ramlee...this is my first time ever doing tag..haha..ok..no I present to u..

15 Weird Things/Habits / Little Known Facts about myself

1) Basically I can't live without internet

2) Love to download and watch latest US series

3) My bloodtype --> O+

4) Love to hang out with friends

5) X kuar sopink unless ader barang nak beli/ade duit. Time tu..haaa..sopink smp tergolek..haha

6) Love my family

7) Tallest among my siblings

8) My skin used to be acne free :(

9) In love with korean drama..korean songs..korean gossips..hahaha

10) Bad Habit --> Drive keter laju

11) Boleh drive sambil pejam mata..don't try ek kengkawan..

12) Air mata senang kuar..uhuh (Senang nanges)

13) Susah hati kalo dpt tau tersakitkan hati org

14) Tak pandai sgt nk marah org..

15) Orang susah nk eja nama/pronounce my name..

OK..abesh..now I nk tag

a) Combat
b) Islah
c) Kak Ina
d) Tipah
e) Fariq

sila lah yer kengkawan..jgn segan jgn silu..=)

Monday, October 27, 2008


Finally!!~! I formatted company's M-Life laptop that I'm using for past a year..I hated formatted laptop..not because of the formatting..but because..I hate to install everything back..oracle.toad..antivirus..codec..ym..skype..office..sumelahhh...bummer ..:(..Ini semua angkara trojan horse...aa gediks sungguh trojan horse itu..

tp alhamdulillah semuanya OK..hehe..atas bantuan mereka yg baik hati yg bg aku pnjm cd windows installer ini..aku dpt memformat laptop dgn jayanye..yeay !!~!

Here I present to you JoongBo couple..yeay..I love them in We Got Married (korea's hottest reality show)..hehe..

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I wish

..I wish i'm not too fragile when dealing with friendship problem...people may look at me like i'm a tough person from the outside, but the truth is i'm the kind of person who easily cry and fragile..Ya Allah, pls give me more strength inside of me to deal with the people around..

Friday, October 10, 2008


Really want to update bout my Hari Raya...but right now really dun have much time to do so...piles of work..uhuhuh..till then..take care =)..

* Which one is cuter? *
* Monkey named Mikey*
* Tortoise named Toby*

Sunday, October 5, 2008

La Dolce Vita

I've watched La Dolce vita / Bittersweet Life only because Lee Dong Wook in this drama. If not, I'm not gonna watched it. Just because I think the storyline is kinda not quite my taste. But from others view it is a good drama & script.

Lee Dong Wook have impressed me with his acting skill in this drama. One time he is cute..so adorable, other time he's terrified..and I can feel it too..so thumbs up for his acting skill. As for other actor, Park Shi Yeon once again paired with LDW in a project. To be fair, her acting skill also improved in this drama ..if compared to My Girl and I'm not yet watching her other projects...

My rating : 2/5

Ok..this is the sypnopsis of the drama :

A love that is unfamiliar but sad.
Love is an empty space that can never be filled in

A changing world with changing people...
In this rapidly changing world, people are caught off guard by new events and have a hard time adapting to the times. Some types of taboo behavior are now acceptable and people even flaunt it. The confusion in social values has become an individual problem that people must grapple with by themselves.
One middle-aged couple faces a crisis as the foundation of their family crumbles.
When they reveal their true desires to each other, it takes on the form of a question to viewers on how important it is to reconnect with the values that are in disarray around us.

A melodramatic story and mystery...
A high-priced luxury apartment in the downtown area of Seoul. In this peaceful neighborhood, one young man committed suicide under uncertain circumstances.
Park Byeong-shik, a retired detective, discovers that the dead man is Lee Joon-soo, a fugitive he had been pursuing for years before he left the force. He picks up clues to solve the uncertain cause of his death.
The story begins with events that happened six months before the man died.
Did Lee Joon-soo really kill himself? His lover was Hong Da-ae.
And how was he linked to Yoon Hye-jin, a middle-aged housewife?
The drama traces events in the past and present to reveal the intricate web of story arcs.

More sophisticated and more luxurious...
The first episode was shot on location in Sapporo for three weeks to capture scenes of beautiful snow-capped mountains. The production quality of the show is very high as each scene was meticulously shot with great attention to small details and angle shots.
The drama contains the fun elements of a miniseries as well as highly charged moments. It will bring a fresh breath of air to viewers who are weary of the tried and true formula that they see over and over again.

Yoon Hye-jin | actress Oh Yeon-soo
Age: 38.
Forgoing a career as an interpreter, she chose to become a full-time homemaker when she married Dong-won.
Although she gave up her career dreams, she made the decision based on what she thought was best for her children and husband. She believes that her choice equates to happiness.
So her husband is always the decision maker at home.
And so the life of one woman came to a standstill career-wise.
But when she begins to become suspicious of her husband, her life moves in a different direction.

Ha Dong-won | actor Jung Bo-seok
Age: 40. A proper gentleman.
A fund manager who oversees a mid-cap fund and is rated as one of the top ten fund managers in Asia.
He’s a handsome man who is also known as one of the best-dressed people at work. He has a lovely wife and two children.
With a picture-perfect family, he has a narcissist bent. But Da-ae was so different. If he could, he would have given her everything he had to win her heart but it wasn’t easy. Even though he was carrying on a long-term affair with her, she never wanted to become his wife or mistress.
And Dong-won believed that was why they were able to have such a long relationship.
That is until Da-ae told him she wanted to stop seeing him.

Lee Joon-soo | actor Lee Dong-wook
Age: 28. A good fella.
In the beginning, he was introduced in business circles as a friend of Sung-gu.
But when Sung-gu withdrew from the social circles, Joon-soo inherited the fame that Sung-gu once had. People knew him as Joon-soo from then on. But Joon-soo and Sung-gu were very tight friends.
Sung-gu had everything that Joon-soo could never possible have.
Everything changed when Joon-soo started dating Da-ae.
Sung-gu wanted to check out Joon-soo’s girlfriend. In fact, he wanted to steal her from him.
Joon-soo knew what was going on. But Da-ae resisted the idea.

Hong Da-ae | actress Park Shi-yeon
Age: 27. Scarlett.
Scarlett, a jewelry shop in Apkujung, is famous for two reasons.
Top celebrities frequented the jewelry store and Da-ae was strikingly beautiful like Scarlett Johansson. Da-ae has pretty looks that fit in with the times. She once aspired to make something of herself like Scarlett O’Hara.
But when she began seeing Dong-won in an indecent arrangement, her dreams were dashed away and replaced with a different desire. Then one day, Joon-soo entered her life.
When she met Joon-soo, Da-ae found the man that made her realize that she could no longer continue her relationship with Dong-woon.

Pics and synopsis credit to : La Dolce Vita thread @ soompi

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Break fast part II

Ok..sambung sket pasal bukak pose..hehe

i) Break fast @ Pizza Hut 24 September 2008

Untuk menghabiskan sisa-sisa masa Yern bersama kami memandangkan tarikh untuk dia menamatkan praktikal di tmpt kami makin hampir, dia dgn bermurah hati membelanja kami berbuka puasa di Pizza Hut Tesco. Amat lah seronok kerana sudah lama saya tidak menjamah Pizza..hik hik..last mkn pizza..err...masa fais banjer..hehe..
Bukak pose ni disertai oleh Yern, Fahmy, Yuzz, Ema, Saya, Zack Epi, Fais, Apek & Cikkim ( Fais, Apek & Cikkim di datangkan khas dari KL)..Saya makan dgn hati yg gumbira..wahaha..gumbira la ader org banjer...=)

* Thanks Yern..gonna miss ya! *
* Kami yg cun..lg ayu..hahaha *
* Mereka yg..errr..kelaparan?..hehe *
* The food *

ii) Break fast @ Quality Hotel sponsored by Century Software 25 September 2008

* Warm up dulu luar hotel *
* Sessi menggediks *
* Quality Hotel *
* My food *
* The dessert *
* Our table *
* They with their food *
* Yo! *
* Cikkim, Said, Apek, Fais *
* The bosses *
* Epul dengan tulang kambengnye *
* Epul & me purak purak sopan *
* ME! =) *

-all pics credit to Cikkim & Ema-
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