Tuesday, September 28, 2010

[Kdrama] Bad Guy

Synopsis :

During his childhood days, Gun-wook (played by Kim Nam-gil) is mistaken as the successor to Haeshin Group who was abandoned as a baby and starts living the life of his dreams after the family takes him in from an orphanage but a DNA test soon reveals he was lying and is heartlessly kicked out of the house.
He who then grows up to be an all-around attractive man -- good-looking with great athletic and linguistic skills -- sets up an elaborate plan through which he approaches Haeshin Group's youngest daughter Hong Monet (played by Jung So-min) to recover the firm 'which was mine.'
Tae-ra (played by Oh Yeon-su), Monet's older sister and the pillar of the Haeshin family, ignores and despises such a Gun-wook yet she starts to develop new emotions toward him the more she meets him.

Meanwhile, Jae-in (Han Ga-in), who is beautiful and intelligent yet born into an average family, dreams of climbing the social ladder by betting her stakes on Tae-sung (played by Kim Jae-wook), the actual hidden son of Haeshin Group.

(Queen Seon Duk, When Spring Comes)

Shim Gun Wook is adopted by a rich family that owns Haeshin Group, one of the biggest and richest companies in the country. But when the young Shim is abandoned by his own family due to a misunderstanding, he vows to destroy everything they have and win back the love and fortune he was once promised.

(Witch Yoo Hee , Dr. Gang)

Moon Jae In is pretty, smart and ambitious, but lacks the perfect background. She turns toward Shim, but when she finds out that he's been disowned the family and its fortune, she quickly pulls herself together. Showing a stern and heartless face may be easy, but she finds herself caught between her ambitions to succeed and her affections toward the love of her life.

(Coffee Prince , Antique Bakery)

Secret son of conglomerates family . Always seems to rebel. After a death of his girlfriend, he become more appreciate with person he love. He is in love with Jae in. Finally the biggest secret in his family being told and he is not a Hong Family. It really hurts him.

(La Dolce Vita)

Hong Tae-ra, the oldest daughter of the Haeshin Group. Hong lives a rather peaceful life with her husband and children, but feels a change of heart when she meets Shim. Her life is shattered as she falls for him, opening the door of revenge for Shim.

Supposedly 20 episodes but they cut it to 16 episodes due to many reasons and the main reason is Kim Nam Gil (KNG) was enlisted to army so by hook or by crook they need to end the drama before KNG say goodbye to his fans .

Me myself likes this drama . Especially the cinematography. Sometimes feels like I'm watching a movie instead of drama .

Obviously KNG is sizzling hot in this drama . Han Ga In is one of my favorite Korean actress (based on beauty). So I don't quite care bout the others who said this drama was a failure especially how the drama end.

Another point for me is the director. This director is the same director that directed my all time favorite K-drama I'm Sorry I Love You (MISA) , Sang Do Let's go to school and Snow Queen . (Only named few dramas ... )

Enjoy the rest with the pics ;)

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