Thursday, January 31, 2008

Days after days

Saya ada sorang kawan (A)...masa sek dulu saya rasa saya kawan dgn dia..masa dia diploma saya slalu jgak chatting dgn dia..time dia praktikal kat SUK perak dulu..kitaorg slalu chatting..pastu kitaorg mcm x kontek saya ader no tepon dia...smp la satu hari tu saya dah tinggal kat Shah Alam..saya kontek dia..kitaorg pon kuar mkn...

Saya ada lagi sorg kawan (B)...saya mmg rapat ngan dia time sek lu...B ngan A satu kelas time bler B sambung degree kat Shah Alam dia x rapat ngan A..smp la saya rasa saya yg merapatkan mereka kembali...

Tapi skrang A n B rapat..sampai saya rasa ..saya ni di pinggirkan..siapalah saya nk terasa hati macam tu kan..but still saya terasa mcm tu...X per la..biarlah saya mengundur diri..saya tetap akan kawan dgn x serapat b4 ni..especially dgn A...

Saya dh x ajak A pegi makan or join aktiviti..since B akan ajak dulu..n saya pon nmpk mcm A lagi selesa ngan B..biarlah derang...A pon mcm xder usaha nk ajak saya kuar..sbb A akan sms B kalo ader per per..

Housemate saya ader tnya..naper A x kontek kontek B...saya bg alasan mayb sbb derang 2 guna service provider yang lah yg tahu kan..serius saya sedih...=(

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Relief ~~~ for now

Syukur alhamdulillah..setelah seharian bertungkus lumus mencari solusi utk masalah kelembapan kelajuan internet ..akhirnya..pada jam 8.50pm..satu solusi berjaya di temui..atas pertolongan encek khairul nizam a.k.a Mr Ej yg berada di Tanjung Malim. Terima kasih tidak terhingga di ucapkan kepada Mr Ej..kalau tidak kerana perbincangan yang diadakan bersama Mr Ej..mungkin saya tidak terlintas untuk mencari di google dengan carian "Belkin wireless modem router slow internet connection". Solusinya ialah : tukar kedudukan modem itu. Saya memindahkan modem itu ke bawah. Jauh dari alatan elektronik yang penuh di dalam bilik ini. Bak kata Mr Ej, mungkin ader EMI. (Electronic Magnetic Interference)

* Off the topic
** Saya dah mengecewakan kakak saya..Sorry sis..I dun mean to let u down..I know it's hard 4 u to have a vacation with ur family after this.. since u will continue your master..but I can't take leave for 5 days..not now..the timing is not right for me to take 5 days off..since we need to deliver PL1 in May..I need to respect my team. It's not fair for them also. Altho i never had a vacation before but it's a team work so I need to be a good team player. To hear ur cracking voice just now made me feel really guilty to u and abg Man. Sorry again sis..
**** Benci betul saya kalo menunggu orang yg lewat neh. Orang lain pon ader hal jgak nk kena wat..bukannye nk tunggu kita jer

pics credit to : DBSK thread @ soompi

Saturday Sunday

Hehehe..rasa cam smalam hr sabtu n hr ni hr ahad plak..ahaks..sbb smalam cuti thaipusam..n today i atit yut..hik hik..nvm..sok i g keje la..pastu trussss balik kg..ho ho ho balik kg..

Yeay!!~! officially mengonline kan diri menggunakan account stimix sendri..conoknyeee..rasa cam puas hati sbb bole control modem..ahaks..kalo rasa cam lambat semacam jer connection ni..bole restart ..xder la memendam rasa jer..hehe

I responsible for bil pelbagai module..lot of things to do and understand..and the dateline is on 5 Feb ..hopefully I can make it.!!~!..altho it's not my task..then it's OK..since I need new experience..i'm helping SME person..since he's responsible for 3 why not I lend my hand to do one..rite?.. usual =)

Five Treasure Island first became the hot topic among teenagers when they starred in Mnet’s “Wanna be my girlfriend?” Soon after the premiere of the show, on March 13th 2007, the number of their fan cafe members exceeded 1 million. Their first showcase in May 27th filled up all 2000 seats with fans. FT Island officially debuted on M!Countdown on June 7th and their first album “Cheerful Sensibility” was released on June 8th.FT Island is not your average dancing boy group but an idol band of five teenagers, who are gifted with amazing musical skills. The members are Choi Jonghun (guitar.piano), Lee Hongki (main vocal), Oh Wonbin (guitar.vocal), Lee Jaejin (bass) and Choi Minhwan (drum). These boys united under one common factor: their passion for music. They auditioned when they were still in middle and elementary schools and prepared for their debut for 2 years. Currently, the oldest of the members, Choi Jonghun, Lee Hongki and Oh Wonbin, are 18 years old and the youngest, Choi Minhwan, is 16 years old.Their first album “Cheerful Sensibility” is divided into 2 parts “Emotional Chapter” and “Island Chapter” respectively according to the style of the song in the album. “Emotional Chapter” is public-friendly rock ballad oriented and “Island Chapter” features upbeat pop-rock oriented style. The album’s title song ‘Love Sick’ pulled the band right up to the summit by ranking #1 on various online music charts and music programs for 6 weeks in a row. The succeeding song ‘Thunder’ is also doing very well. Its music video gathered a lot of attention as the members themselves starred in it.From the start, FT Island has been marked as the new storm in the Kpop world. They are noted for their determination to be recognized for their musical skills rather than pretty faces. Their goal to publicize band music in Korea is firm, and as they continue to expand their popularity throughout the world, their dream just might come true. ---1takeKK@lovefti

credit to : F.t Island Official Thread @ Soompi

Last but not least JaeChun moment @ KL concert '07

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Sonoknye skang neh...bole bgn tdo lmbt..since masuk keje pon lmbt..hehe..itu pro keje kat Seksyen 9..con nye..kat 9 xder internet..uhuhu..sgt burink..aku pon x tau la camne aku bole idop kat sana tanpa internet dgn tenang..hahha..

Mlm td Kak Ya call..tnya nk join x g holiday kat Langkawi 11-13 Feb dpn..aku mmg tringin sgt nk join..memandangkn aku ni x pernah smp Langkawi lg..and aku pon lama dh x holiday or lebih tpat lg..xpernah holiday g memane..sian kan yg payahnye..nk kena mintak cuti 5 hr travelling day..maknanye..aku kena mintak cuti seminggu..iskk..camne nk mintak tu..takuts aku..dh ler skang ni PL1 nk kena siapkan dh..w/pon part aku lom manyak keje cam x patut plak aku cuti seminggu semata nk holiday kat tringin nk holiday ngan Ikhwan n Irfan..uhuks..msti best...=(

On the other hand...

FT Island will be performing live in concert in Malaysia end of March..hope I can watch the concert..altho they all young around n below 20 yrs old..but I love their they all pretty..LoL..that's the bonus part la..Hopefully this concert will be free concert..hahhaha..(in your dream la if this concert is the free concert)...

and also ..there's a romurs bout Super Junior also will have their 1st concert here..but there's no confirmation yet...

last but not least....yesterday was DBSK fan meeting @ Korea...but..the sad news is...the fanmeeting had to be delayed 1 hour due to small accident...the accident between the car that Hero n Max were in and a cab...all this was because of crazy fan who chasing the car...but they didn't had any injuries tho..Thank God..after the fanmeeting they all rush to airport to go back to Japan..(as Japan is their hometown) tiring..get some rest ya!!

the posters (Max <3333>

Max (covers in white) I bet he still in shock state..he seldom cover up so much at airport..or mayb its becoz of heavy snow outside..LoL

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

This anger inside me

I hate when I had this feeling....

Bler aku bg cadangan nk pasang stimix kat umah ni..suma setuju

Bler time dh nk activate n aku dh sign agreement..sorg sorg tarik diri..

Ni yg wat aku marah + tensi

Kalo ikutkan suma org ader financial problem..aku pon ader financial prob..tho aku x pernah @ jarang bising pasal aku sengkek...

Kalo last2 tinggal aku jer yg akan guna stimix umah ni..aku redha...lgpon derang still bole guna tenet umah seblah xder la desperate sgt nk guna stimix yg aku pasang neh...

nk wat cemane..aku dh sign agreement sethn ngan TMNut..nk x nk aku kena guna n bayar..

~Max Changmin~

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