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[Kdrama] Will It Snow For Christmas

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Genre : Melodrama , Romance
Episodes : 16
Broadcast Period : 2 Dec 2009 - 28 Jan 2010


Cha Kang Jin is the son of barmaid, Cha Chun Hee. His life is difficult as he gets into fights and has to watch other people push his mother around yet he can't do anything to stop it. He meets Han Ji Wan when they were teens but they weren't able to continue their relationship as Ji Wan ran away after her older brother's death. He meets Ji Wan 8 years later when he's attending her engagement ceremony to Park Tae Joon. However, he is heartbroken as Ji Wan pretends to not remember him at all.

Synopsis taken from official website (credit to WISFC thread @ soompi)

2009, winter.
The human melodrama which will emotionally move all
people in the world who live normal lives, like people want banked-up snow that will moisten soil,
Will it snow on Christmas?

Love existed between them.
At first, their love was full and abundant.

But, before their love came to light, they gave up on this love on their accord.
Although it was a definite sacrifice, they didn't believe that love was everything.

And then time passed by. They met once again.

To inflict less pain, and to assist and heal the scars within...
Through sincere reconciliation and forgiveness....
This is what they called love.

Will it snow on Christmas?
They are hoping for snow to fall.

Just as the snow covers the filthy streets, white snow will cover all that's in disarray....
They're hoping to embrace and
share each others pain.

Will it snow on Christmas?
Will white snow fall incessantly in silence?

They will pray silently.
Just like a fairy tale, they aspire for their wish to come to fruition.

Goo Soo as Cha Kang Jin

He had to use his fists, in order not to be beaten,
had to become strong, in order
not to be ignored,
and had to be smart, in order to survive.

Living a wandering life with his mom(ChunHee), who is a barmaid,
he learned by experience using not his brain but his body how
to live,
which is that he should be in first place, wherever he is.
Being in first place, KangJin
has lived on.

His father, whose face he don't even remember, left him only a pendant.

The pendant includes the shape of a plain house.
For KangJin, the pendant was a dream and hope.
18-year-old KangJin, who was wearing it,
met JiWan, at the end of his
teenage life.
The person that could let go of the tension in his whole body...

The person that made him know again that he can laugh or smile heartily...
The person that he could come
closer to with his own personality, not as a wretched, vulgar barmaid ChunHee's son, but as Cha KangJin.

To find her again, to love her again,
he starts his pitiful, painful, rough, but hot, over-10-year voyage of life.

Han Ye Seul as Han Ji Wan

She is the only daughter out of one son and one daughter of "Myoung Eui Oriental Medicine Clinic" that has a great influence on SanCheong.
She is very bright, cheerful, hot-tempered (against iniquity), and easily moved with compassion.
She is so meddlesome a person.
But her interfering isn't good.
Her clothes got torn off and her hair got pulled out when trying to stop neighbors' fight...

She makes numerous troubles.
Then, one day, she has an accident finding KangJin's pendant in the water.
And her elder brother, JiYong, jumps into the water to rescue her but he dies of cardiac arres
Her brother, JiYoung, has been the family's hope, pride, reason of life, and all.

Leaving SanCheong, she said good-bye to KangJin, and to her innocent, precious days when she was with KangJin.
She didn't know that the feelings and days, which she thought would never come again until she dying, came again to her over almost 10 years.
To meet KangJin again, and to love him again...

She didn't know before that it would require a long time, pain, suffering, misunderstanding, criss-crosses, sacrifice, burning, and her real heart.

Sun Woo Sun as Lee Woo Jung

She is the last daughter out of one son and two daughters of Lee SungHwan who is the 7th leading financier and the president of BumSuh Group.
The CEO of BumSuh Group is her grandfather.
Her mom is also BumSuh Group's esteemed daughter and she think to her bone that she is in a royal family.
WooJung has a superiority complex, elitism.
She is not humble but stubborn, proud, energetic, and haughty.
Unlike her elder brother and elder sister went on to university(/-ies) by donation or special favor
, she entered Waseda Univ.'s college of architecture by her talent.

Then she met TaeJun.
After returning to Korea, she still loved him.
And she announced proudly her and TaeJun's love.
But her family's opposition was stronger than what she expected.
And then TaeJun said good-bye to her. Briefly, but easily.
After knowing that TaeJun got some money in recompense for saying good-bye to her, she despaired of herself who bet her all and risked her life for her love.
Thinking that there is no love in the world, she said to herself that she would not ever bet her all for (loving)
other people (/ another person).

Song Jong Ho as Park Tae Jun

He was raised in easy circumstances under his parents who ran a small company.
While he was studying abroad in Japan as a Waseda Univ.'s student, he met WooJung.
At that time, he didn't know WooJung was the last daughter of BumSuh Group.
Actually, that fact wasn't that important.
But because of IMF, his family got ruined.
And his father fell in a faint. His family lost their house and all the property.
His mom and elder brothers prevailed on him to come back right away and take care of his family.
But he didn't come back to Korea.

He finally graduated earning his school expenses by working.
He justifiably entered BumSuh Building Company's office by talent.
Returning as a BumSuh Building's director, WooJung announced to the whole staff of her relationship with him.

After the announcement,
he had been pressed by WooJung's parents in many ways,
(being) heard that such a fellow as he(/him) shouldn't desire her...
So TaeJun broke up with her. And he met JiWan.
JiWan was always smiling brightly. She supported and coached his love with WooJung.
The meddlesome person who got angry and was in pain more than TaeJun when he was held in contempt by WooJung's family... The person was JiWan.

That's why he thought everything would be all right if he being by her side.


I wanted to watch this drama because of Han Ye Seul. After watching her in Fantasy Couple, I did not watch any of her drama since then. For me, this drama is not disappointing. Although it is a typical korea drama , but the storyline slightly different from drama that I've watched. Goo Soo is a eye candy. LoL .. also the actor who play younger Cha Kang Jin. He is haawttt! ..

My rating for this drama is 3.5/5 ... ()

Because Of U by Gummy (Drama OST)

I shouldn’t love
I shouldn’t give my heart
“Let it go”,
“Stop it now”
..are the words I say to myself
I turn away from where you are,
And I walk and walk,
But I know I’ll always end up back there again
I didn’t think, but I love you
Like the rain, like the tears,
You pour out of me
I try and control my heart
You push me away, but I don’t go
I love you
I want to begin with you

Your slow steps bring you nearer
Still I rush to you and almost stumble
But I know all too well that it’s too late
I didn’t think, but I love you?
Like the rain, like the tears
You pour out of me
I try and control my heart
You push me away, but I don’t go
I love you
I love you.


If you would like to download the OST : do click me =)


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