Thursday, December 25, 2008

X Mas Day

Supposed today I went to Ipoh to attend my friend wedding..since I don't have friend to accompany me to go there, so I just stayed at home and become a good housewife..hehehe

Guess what today I cooked for lunch..alone..I repeated..ALONE!! helped from for today are ayam pepper beef and sayur goreng..alhamdulillah ..everything not in the mess and the taste were good (according to Yanti..Siti & Sya)..fuhh..lega..puas hati sebab makanan suma habis..x sesia bersilat kat dapur sesorg..=D..Insyallah next time I'll cook again..mcm best plak masak..tetiba cam teringin nk oven xde..haha..(alasan!~!)


Did he really meant what he said or he just said it without noticed the meaning of that word..or that word is just another word to him?...or is it just me who overthink..overanalyze everything?..well, when I think about it again and again I feel like that word is just a word...

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sweet Coincidences

Sweet coincidences...not once..not twice..=)..sometimes I think our thought is sync..I wondering do this 'thought' ever cross his mind?..*jumps up n down if that 'thought' also in sync...hehe*
And also my heart flattered when he asked me whether I ate something or not before coming to class and bebel me because I'm not ..*he noticed that I usually not eat before went to class*..that already make my heart flattered...hahaha..

on the other stock-geli-geli-fren called me early this morning with his so called romantic voice and his famous flirtatious kind of way..but because of I'm half asleep and just reply him back with "mmmm", "ok"..then he asked me to continue my dream & said he will called me back later..unfortunenatly for me, I can't sleep no more after that..and instead of waiting for him to call me back (which I dunno when it will happen) I gave him a call..guess what, no romantic voice, no famous flirtatious kind of way..maybe because that time there was other people around him..well, I'm not hoping those when I called him but ..hurm.. reminder for myself : don't get involved with that kind of man .. hard to trust them

Butttt ...for now...I'm happy with those coincidences..lalala...

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Joongbo Farewell

Sob sob...bubbye Lettuce Couple..Episode 38 is the last episode they're sad that they're leaving..Hwang Bo cried a lot in the eps...I somehow can understand her feeling..why she behave like that in the end of their 'marriage'..uhuks..WGM will never be the same without them..

For Hyun Joong , good luck for your drama. Fighting!.. (Boys over flower (Hana Yori Dango korean version) will aired in January at KBS replacing Worlds Within)

nota kaki : nape aku wat entry neh?..uhuh (pelik ngan diri sendri)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Vietnam IV

Day 4 (7 Nov 2008)

Hari Ke4...bekfes kat Dining Hotel..hari ke empat ni la masanya aku merasa seperti tourist kat HCMC neh..hahaha..
lepas kitaorg melawat Hong Ahn wat kali keberapa ntah kitaorg singgah jap kat Museum HCMC..haha..sian kat Aunt Limah & Aunt Zah sbb terpaksa melayan karenah aku..n menyebabkan Che Ayu dalam dilema..samada nk layan karenah aku or nk layan ibu ibu..haha..xpe..Che Ayu adil orgnye..hahaha..
lepas balik dr museum kitaorg lunch kat blakang masjid spt biasa..pastu rerehat jap..then aku n che ayu mengeluarkan diri utk pergi melawat lawat di kawasan sekitar...mula kitaorg g ke cathederal (camni ke eja??..) ..snap pics..then kitaorg g pej pos kat dpn tu..pepusing lam tu..snap pics..pastu kitaorg jlnnnn..menuju ke reunification palace (istana yg dibina semula)..
reunification palace ni tmpt presiden vietnam tinggal dulu..masa zaman sblm merdeka..zaman perang..di namakn reunification palace adalah kerana tmpt ni pernah kena bom dgn parti berhaluan kiri yg berniat nk bunuh presiden ketika presiden selamat..ader la tourist guide yg cter kat kitaorg sambil kitaorg lelawat kawasan sekeliling...kat mana bilik miting presiden..dining hall derang..bilik gambling...tmpt derang berparti...bilik bwh tanah..gler time ni terasa seperti tourist yg sebenar..hahaha...
balik dr reunification palace..penat jelajah satu building..kitaorg jln g diamond plaza..just jln cuci mata je...diamond plaza ni sopink kompleks..tetiba aku rasa cam bebaju kat lam tu di sbbkn tahan le aku membeli..hahaha..
balik bilik mmg flat abeh la..penat beb jln...smp bilik tgk Aunt Zah & Aunt Limah dh siap wangi mandi..kitaorg rehat sekejap..memandi..pastu kitaorg keluar mkn kat mane lg..kalo bukan restoren 4 musim itu..kali ni aku mkn bihun goreng..ader udang..pastu Aunt Zah bg lg udang dia kat aku..aku pon mkn udang dgn seronoknyeee..haha..pastu kitaorg jejalan kat Parkson plak..jejln cuci mata...pastu tetiba aku terasa gegatal...hahah..rupanye..allergic aku sudah smp daaa...aku sbnrnye allergic udang..hik hik..padan muke..nk wat cemane kn..thn je la..
balik bilik..kitaorg mulakan operasi mengemas beg..menimbang camne nk elak dr kastam..dan lelain..hahaha...

*Kami mengedik di Hong Ahn*
* Muzium Tiket Kaunter *
* Tunjuk Skill Memanjat *
* Merdekaa!!~! *
* Outside The Museum *
* HCMC Museum** In front of the cathederal *
* View inside the post office *
* Me in front pejabat pos ** The Reunification Palace *
* Keter kebal ni ader lam gambar merdeka kat museum tu *
* One of the room in the palace *
* Taman dalam palace *
* Yang 2 bulat tu tmpt bom di jatuhkan masa cubaan bunuh presiden ** Ms Tour Guide ** Diamond Plaza *
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