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Dah lama x update pasal korean stuffs kat blog ku ini..hehe..asik wat sessi luahan perasaan je..smp lupa pada passion..wahh passion tau ( passion ku terhadap dunia korean makin berkurangan)..sekarang ni aku tgh layan cter Iljimae..macam nk gler aku tunggu subtitle kuar..uhuh..punya la tertunggu tunggu..bole dikatakan tiap episod aku nanges * I berjiwa lembut ok*..hahaha..

Sinopsis Iljimae :

Once upon a time during the Chuson period, there were a young man, no, actually he was a fictional character in this world. There were a young man who lives in the people's heart. His special mission in life was to teach the aristocrats a valuable lesson.
"From now on, I- Iljimae will welcome this chivalrous bandit world"
He punished those wealthy and powerful people. His mysterious and sudden appearance here and there makes it impossible for the authority to capture him. His very existence bears the hopes and dreams for those destitute villagers. Although it is now 21st century already,a modern century, but his memories still live in the heart and soul of those oppressed villagers. He will punish those bad people. Even though he couldn't change the world, but at least he comforted by the love of people.

Iljimae * Lee Jun Ki (My Girl, Between Dog & Wolf) *
* My oppa<33333*

" There's something that I have to find, before this item is found, I won't be caught, absolutely not..." When he was 8 years old, he witnessed the killing of his father. But he didn't dare to cry aloud, just watched silently as his father was dying. After his father's death, Geom become Yong, the foster son of "Sol Deol". Yong grew up and become a gangster in the market place. Coincidently he remembered bits and pieces of the past and became suspicious about his father's death. But he only had single lead. That was the etching made on the sword that killed his father. In order to find the owner of that sword, Yong has decided to become a bandit. But instead, he became Iljimae.

Eun Chae
* Han Hyo Joo (Spring Waltz)*

" Once and one more time, could u remove your mask? Even if I won't ever be able to see your face now it is already too late, because you have taken my heart with you..."

She was very smart and lively. Completely different from all other nobles' daughters. She was very attune to current events. She was the first person in Chosun that want to run a hotel. She used his father's influence to open a hotel and made a substantial amount of money. She used those financial gains to the destitute villagers. Her personality was completely different from her brother- Shi Jong. She's very caring and gentle with Shi-Hoo, a person who is look down by her family, as well as being bullied by her brother.
Ever since the sudden appearance of a bandit Iljimae, she was fascinated by this individual. Eventually, fate intervened and the two of them met each other...

Shi Hoo
" I want to capture you with a crazy passion there's only one way that I don't have to be sub human, there's only one way that I could become somebody that's to capture Iljimae.."

He is natural son of Dan. Prior to being 9 years old, he has always thought that Sol Dol was his natural father. When he was exactly 9 years old, while working for Byun Shik on the behalf of his father, he antagonized Byun Shik and in danger of being killed by Byun Shik. That's when Dan came to Byun Shik and told him that Shi Hoo was really his son.
From that day onward, Shi Hoo become Byun Shik 's own son. Despite the fact that his life now abundant like his previous hope and dream, he was bullied constantly by Shi Jong and looked down by entire household. He sank deeper and deeper into hopelessness. Because of his desire to be accept by everyone. And to realize his hope and dream, Shi Hoo determine to capture Iljimae.

He has fallen in love with Eun Chae, Byun Shik's daughter and also his sister by theory. But after finding out that Iljimae the only person in Eun Chae's heart, he become a desperado in trying to capture Iljimae.

Bong Soon* Lee Young Ah*

" I know your real face, your thoughts, your painful past. I will protect you.."

She and Kunghae monk (imposter) is an infamous gang specialized in trickery. They practiced their shady arts all over the kingdom. She and Kunghe monk always argue with each other to the point of total destruction of each other. She always said that he's good for nothing old man. But the father/daughter team has always believe and depend on each other.
In one of their journey around the country, They arrived in Han Yang. She was cheating Yong but instead get caught by Yong. She became Yong's hostage until all the debts could be repay. She fall in love with Yong. But because EunChae also loves Yong, she felt many conflicting emotions...

sinopsis : credit to D-addicts
Pics : credit to Iljimae thread @ soompi

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