Wednesday, November 17, 2010

[KDrama] My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

(Brilliant Legacy)

He lived a rather aimless life as the only grandson of a rich man and gets by without any big dreams or ambitions besides his goal of becoming an action star. He was raised by his grandfather and aunt after his parents dies when he was really young

After accidentally sets free a nine-tails fox who was imprisoned in a seal, he was forced to live together with her. Although he becomes the envy of his friends when the fox impersonates as his girlfriend after taking a human form, he is constantly worrying that his liver will be eaten by her if he lets down his guards.

(A Love To Kill , The Devil)

She was freed by Cha Dae Woong after being trapped in the seal for a really long time. She loves to eat meat and has the ability to see, hear , smell and feel from a distance. She has greatly developed senses as she belongs to the tribe of mystic foxes which are deemed as monsters by humans. She forced her stay with Dae Woong as she doesn't know anything about the outside world during her long imprisonment.

Synopsis credit to Soompi Thread


  • Latest drama from Hong Sisters. (You know you heart them when you watch My Girl, Hong Gil Dong, You're Beautiful )
  • All the songs in this drama are thumbs up (at least for me =D) Soundtrack
  • Shin Min Ah is back after 4 years in drama.
  • It is a happy ending drama.

Not convincing enough?.. hur mm.. well u should watch it .. LoL

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